Data Conversion

We undertake following type of Data Conversion Projects.

  • Data Conversion from Image Data or from Text document to CSV, Ms Excel, Ms Access, D base, Fox Pro, SQL Server
  • Data Conversion from PDF to Word
  • Data Conversion from PDF to XML
  • Scanning and Imaging
  • XML Services including DTD development
Source Data Formats
Paper, Image, QuarkXpress, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and many others

Tagging Formats
  • HTML – Hypertext Mark-up Language
  • XML – eXtensible Mark-up Language
  • SGML – Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

Our data processing services fall into two broad categories:

Technical Consultancy and Database conversion:

Technical consultancy services:
  • Database conversion services
  • Development of XML conversion specification
  • Development of Softwares for XML processing
  • Software for debugging and validity check for XML
Database conversion services
  • Format conversion of data from any format to XML
  • Includes Coding, Tagging, Marking
  • Re-keying to 99.995% accuracy
  • OCR-Scanning